Disputes Can Be Resolved With Arbitration And Mediation

Arbitration and mediation provide a number of advantages over traditional litigation. Arbitration and mediation provide the parties with a greater measure of control over the outcome of the case and in the selection of the neutral and fact-finder. These methods of dispute resolution are generally less costly and faster than litigation. The less contentious nature of mediation can also allow parties to preserve relationships. Unlike courtroom proceedings, the results of arbitration or mediation are not a matter of public record. For these and other reasons, alternative dispute resolution is increasingly viewed as an attractive option to parties engaged in business disputes.

Respected Arbitrators And Mediators

Based in Boston, the attorneys of Block & Roos, LLP, offer a wealth of experience resolving a broad range of matters through arbitration and mediation. Jessica Block is an appointed neutral on the Employment and Commercial panels of the American Arbitration Association (AAA), and the Massachusetts Bar Association Fee Arbitration Board. She also serves as a private arbitrator in all types of disputes, including employment disputes. Jessica Block is also trained and certified as a mediator and has mediated business disputes as a neutral. Sigmund Roos has served as an AAA party-appointed arbitrator.

In these various positions and in their many years of legal practice, the firm’s lawyers have gained the insight and understanding necessary to assist parties in resolving their disputes. In addition to serving as neutrals in such cases, Block & Roos, LLP, lawyers serve as advocates and are strong proponents of resolving client disputes in arbitration and mediation, as well as pre-suit negotiations and collaborative law.

Block & Roos, LLP, provides arbitration and mediation throughout Massachusetts. Learn more about the firm’s services by calling 617-223-1900. You can also email us.