More Than 30 Years Of Real Estate Litigation Experience

Real estate partnerships can offer a number of potential advantages to investors, including substantial tax benefits. When disputes escalate to potential litigation, it is critical for investors to work with experienced legal counsel. Attorney Sigmund Roos of Block & Roos, LLP, is a foremost litigator of real estate syndication disputes. In addition to syndication cases, the Firm represents clients in all types of real estate issues, including:

  • Zoning disputes
  • Commercial leasing disputes
  • Commercial purchase and sale and option agreements
  • Commercial contract issues
  • Land use and boundary disputes
  • Homeowners’ association issues

In every kind of dispute, the firm’s primary objective is to accomplish the client’s legal and business objectives without resorting to litigation. However your case is eventually resolved, the firm’s attorneys will be fully invested in achieving a favorable outcome in an efficient manner.

To discuss your real estate dispute with an experienced lawyer at our law office in Boston, Massachusetts, call 617-223-1900 or send us an email.