Proven Advocacy In Professional Disability Insurance Disputes

The Boston law firm of Block & Roos, LLP, represents individuals in insurance coverage disputes throughout Massachusetts, with a special focus in the area of professional disability insurance. The Firm’s attorneys have successfully advocated for physicians, surgeons and other professionals whose careers were derailed and income sharply curtailed by a debilitating illness or injury, only to get the runaround from their insurance carrier upon filing disability claims.

Block & Roos, LLP, aggressively pursues the disability benefits that clients deserve, along with retroactive benefits and attorney fees. The Firm has also recovered damages for insurance bad faith for unjustified denials, delays, lowball offers or termination of professional disability benefits, as when claims are denied without investigation.

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Professional Disability Claims And Bad Faith Lawsuits

Based in Boston, the Firm represents medical personnel and other licensed professionals throughout Massachusetts and nationwide. The lawyers have obtained notable results with cases involving ERISA (employer-sponsored) and private disability policies, such as a doctor who developed multiple sclerosis and a surgeon diagnosed with cancer.

The Firm represented an individual suing his disability insurance carrier for refusing to pay on a professional disability claim. Sigmund Roos obtained a $1 million total disability lump-sum settlement. Jessica Block obtained a partial disability lump-sum settlement totaling $400,000 as well as a settlement, after oral argument, requiring substantial additional lifetime benefits. In addition, the attorneys compelled the carrier to reinstate benefits worth many millions of dollars over the benefit period.

Failure to pay claims is essentially a breach of contract. Block & Roos, LLP, commonly puts insurers on notice through a 176D demand letter. This requires insurers to respond within 30 days and/or offer a reasonable settlement. If the insurer fails to respond or make a good faith settlement offer, the Firm will file suit and pursue all applicable compensation, including damages for bad faith in ERISA cases.

Committed To Favorable Outcomes

In addition to coverage cases, Block & Roos, LLP, has successfully prosecuted commercial premium disputes and defended claims handling litigation. As in other areas of litigation, Block & Roos, LLP, strives to achieve optimal outcomes for its clients while avoiding the cost, expense and uncertainty of litigation. To this end, the firm utilizes alternative means of dispute resolution whenever applicable. Jessica Block has acted as an arbitrator in insurance litigation.