Testimonials For Jessica Block

I feel lucky and grateful that I had Jessica on my side during a long and painful separation negotiation with my former employer. Every time I had difficulties letting my emotions get the better of me Jessica was both emphatic to my situation providing emotional support and at the same time she brought me back to earth by reminding me of the facts and by providing a realistic assessment of the situation and options. It turned out that she was right at almost every turn along the way. She stepped in at the right moment and was able to negotiate a very acceptable separation agreement. Jessica’s great sense of humor and her ability to keep calm and measured in tough and stressful situations gave me the feeling that I had a true partner on my side.

Overall, Jessica supported me during a difficult time in my life and was a major reason that I could get through this period with dignity and with keeping my head up. Most importantly, Jessica keeps believing in the good in people. I would recommend her without reservation.


I am an attorney and I was bringing a difficult action stemming from a dispute with a former employer. I was smart enough to know that I should not represent myself, but I had to make sure that whoever I chose to represent me would do so the way that I would if I could be objective (with the same passion, intensity, and forcefulness). While Jessica and I both were aware of the legal challenges in my case, she understood the unfairness and inequity of the situation, and was willing to take the chance and despite the risk. From the beginning, and although she knew that it was an uphill battle (barefoot and in the snow), Jessica was passionate and invested. Throughout the process, I felt that she believed in the case and supported me in seeking what I deserved. She repeatedly demonstrated that she is a fantastic lawyer and a wonderful advocate. In the end, she represented me much better than I could have represented myself!


Jessica has been our “go-to” lawyer for human resource issues for over ten years, guiding us through some very tricky situations with knowledge, tact and a fine sense of humor. We recently resolved an employee issue involving performance and disability issues through complaints, rebuttals, affidavits, hearing and mediation and Jessica guided us through this maze to a fair and reasonable outcome. It is a great comfort to know I can reach out to her for a prompt and well-considered appraisal of any staff issue, no matter how complex or delicate.

-President of a Publishing Company

Jessica – I wanted to thank you for your help in my recent separation from a foreign based employer. I initially was referred to you as a specialist in reviewing separation agreements. After reviewing the agreement you identified the opportunity to also obtain additional compensation in the process. You helped on all fronts to strengthen the separation agreement to my interests and obtained significant additional compensation in terms of severance, accelerated stock option vesting and legal fees. Throughout the process you acted professionally with all parties involved and your experience in these matters was valuable to the point that my employer relied on your edits to their document. You were very responsive to my needs and kept me well informed throughout the process. I will certainly recommend you to others who have employment law needs and for my next inbound employment agreement.

– General Manager, High Tech industry

I had the privilege of working with Jessica when she successfully advocated on my behalf during a separation from a former employer. Jessica is clearly a top-notch professional – she combines a very straight forward and practical approach to conflict resolution with clear integrity and empathy for all parties involved.

Jessica is a great listener, who is uniquely able to re-direct her clients away from the emotional response to a measured, constructive and concrete action plan. During the negotiation, I felt that in Jessica I had a true partner – respectful of my personal experience and viewpoints yet providing much needed guidance, based on her professional experience and deep knowledge of employment law.

I would definitely recommend using Jessica Block’s services – either as an employee or an employer – if you are looking to get to a satisfactory and well negotiated outcome for a conflict resolution. Thank you, Jessica – truly appreciate all of your help!

– Technology Executive

Jessica, I cannot thank you enough for all your recent assistance with a contract associated with an acquisition. Your grace under the pressure of a short deadline, your willingness to work on a holiday and over the weekend, and, most important, your ability to bring clarity to a labyrinthine document and guide us through the required changes all contributed to a job done quickly and done very well. It was truly a pleasure working with you.”

– Principal of a software company

“Dear Jessica: I just wanted to write these words of appreciation for all your counsel and assistance in our human resources area. I am happy to report that the … incident was favorably resolved and is behind us now. All parties were satisfied with the outcome. Your counsel was on target in this case. In regard to the Employee handbook, again you have done a very thorough job. … We can count on a legal resource to call when another human resource issues arises in the future.”

– President, Multiple Store Group

“After two other respected employment attorneys indicated that there was no point in pressing . . . for a better deal, [Jessica Block] proceeded to nearly double my severance package. This was truly a remarkable result and one that easily exceeded my expectations”

– IT professional

“Jessica Block has been the attorney and informal general counsel to my consulting firm for nearly twenty years. During that time she has provided advice and counsel on everything from complex jurisdictional issues to personnel complaints, as well as informal counsel on a range of labor and contract matters. She understands the work we do, and she knows my colleagues. I have always felt that her legal acumen is balanced by her understanding of human situations–the best kind of counsel.”

– President, Consulting and Executive Search Firm

“Joining a national company with sales offices in every major US City was a very stressful life event for me. I saw tremendous advantages to joining a larger company; but when I was presented with an employment agreement that was filled with onerous provisions, I decided that I needed professional help. Jessica Block immediately identified the problems with the agreement and worked with the General Counsel of the organization to fix them. She was firm but reasonable and did everything possible to make herself available on very short notice. Her professionalism and sense of perspective ensured that I would not walk away from a great opportunity.”

– Managing Director of a National Search Firm

“When faced with a difficult work based disability issue, I found Jessica Block to be enormously helpful. Part legal advisor, part navigator, part coach, she enabled me to resolve the problem with wisdom, patience, persistence and an understated sophistication about the complexities of the law and inter-personal dynamics. I would recommend her in a heartbeat.”

– COO, Non-Profit Organization

“Jessica Block did superb work on my behalf, including giving advice and encouragement and building my confidence in the strength of my case through explanations of how employment law applied to my situation. The motions she submitted to the court convinced me of her ingenuity in seeking solutions that eluded two previous law firms representing me. Her succinct summaries of the salient details and chronology of my case before the judge and later, before a mediator, cut away the emotion and anger I felt against my previous employer that overshadowed my beliefs about the case. This helped me to focus on the merits of the case as they would be evaluated by an outsider. Jessica displayed integrity and fairness in representing me. Perhaps the most important result of her work during mediation was to give me a feeling of control that I never experienced in my previous dealings with my employer. Her work during litigation and mediation made me grateful that the intelligent application of the law can be so powerful in bringing fairness to an unjust situation.”

– Vice President, Software Company

“Dear Jessica, Thank you for your guidance and collaboration through a difficult time. I still remember the first moments of my first contact with you, explaining I didn’t really know how to begin to retain an attorney. You set me at ease with reassurance and understanding, navigating my naivete grievance, and state of distress. From there on, you have worked sensitively and skillfully with me as a wise physician does with her patient – first meeting the person where they are; then translating and explaining in layman’s terms while privately analyzing in other professional rubrics; always guiding, holding, and supporting throughout the unknowns while fighting like hell for the best possible outcome. We were lucky to have been in your good hands through these months.”

– Physician

“Dear Jessica- Both of us wish to thank you, personally, for all you have done. You went way beyond
the call of duty (or of any money offered/available) in order to make this complex situation work and brought
justice into the light. You have deeply affected our lives. Through your endless work you have been a pillar of
strength. Working tirelessly to bring us all to this moment when we can have some money in the bank and
gratitude in our hearts. We thank you.

– Co-Plaintiffs, Multiparty Complex Litigation and Settlement