Experienced In Legal Malpractice Litigation

The Boston attorneys of Block & Roos, LLP are highly regarded in the Massachusetts legal community for their commitment to professional ethics and their experience in resolving disputes between attorneys and clients.

The Firm recognizes that even the best lawyers make mistakes. When those mistakes or attorney misconduct harm clients, Block & Roos has initiated litigation, arbitration and mediation to ensure that the clients are compensated for the error. Most legal malpractice claims resolve before trial, as in these representative cases:

  • After defeating a motion for summary judgment, Jessica Block secured for her client the insurance policy limits (almost $500,000) in a divorce malpractice case.
  • After a demand letter and without initiating a lawsuit, she achieved a six-figure settlement after two mediation sessions in the form of return of most of the legal fees her client had to pay to the defendant law firm.
  • After serving a demand letter in a case alleging malpractice in the handling of a construction dispute, Jessica obtained a high five-figure settlement.
  • In a case involving malpractice in arbitration, she obtained a six-figure settlement shortly after filing a lawsuit.
  • Shortly after filing an arbitration demand in a case alleging failure to assert a claim in federal court, Jessica achieved a mid six-figure settlement.

We also provide representation in disputes over attorney fees.

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