Resolution Of Contract Disputes

Most business relationships are governed by contracts. When a relationship breaks down, the parties argue over the interpretation and enforceability of the contract’s terms. Retaining experienced legal counsel as soon as a dispute arises is the key to favorable resolution. It is important to choose the recourse that will best control the costs and the outcome in light of the amount at stake.

The business dispute attorneys of Block & Roos, LLP, provide experienced representation for breach of contract litigation. Based in Boston and serving clients throughout Massachusetts, the Firm prosecutes and defends:

  • Breach of contract by customers
  • Disputes with vendors, suppliers and service providers
  • Secured transaction and UCC disputes
  • Commercial lease disputes and evictions
  • Mezzanine financing disputes
  • Business-to-business conflicts

Strategic Counsel And Viable Solutions

Attorneys Sigmund Roos and Jessica Block are talented and experienced lawyers with decades of experience in negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation of contract disputes. They will provide a detailed cost-benefit analysis and can advise on the likely result of each approach so that clients may make informed decisions on how to proceed.

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