Resolving Noncompete Agreement Disputes

The business litigation attorneys of Block & Roos, LLP, represent employees and employers in disputes and lawsuits arising from noncompete agreements and other restrictive covenants in employment relationships. These can be tense negotiations and bitter battles, especially when essential employees have been lured away by business rivals.

Based in Boston, the Firm handles employment law conflicts throughout Massachusetts and beyond. The attorneys of Block & Roos, LLP, have counseled and represented executives, key employee, ex-employers and new employers in complex and high-stakes cases. The Firm provides the careful case-by-case analysis necessary to prevail at trial or gain leverage for the most favorable resolution.

Overcoming, Upholding Or Modifying Covenants Not To Compete

The Firm has advised individuals seeking to switch companies or start their own on whether they will be in direct competition with their current employer or otherwise in breach of their noncompete clause. Block & Roos, LLP, also counsel employers on whether their restrictive covenant is enforceable and helps them weigh the pros and cons of fighting the case.

The Firm’s attorneys explore all strategies, remedies and potential issues. Is the non-compete likely to be nullified or upheld by a court? Can it be clarified and resolved through a motion for summary judgment? What are the potential damages and ramifications of an unfavorable verdict? Can the agreement be modified or the dispute settled out of court to the satisfaction of all parties?

Lawyers Sigmund Roos and Jessica Block bring decades of collective experience in negotiation, arbitration and litigation of a wide range of business disputes. They provide analysis at each stage to keep costs under control and to suggest practical alternatives.

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