Collection Of Unpaid Accounts

When invoices and phone calls do not yield results, it may be necessary to initiate legal action to recover debts. The Boston law firm of Block & Roos, LLP, has a solid track record of return on investment in collection of unpaid accounts.

Attorney Sigmund Roos provides debt recovery strategies to a diverse range of clients in Boston, throughout Massachusetts and nationwide, including:

  • Commercial creditors with unpaid invoices
  • Cities and towns seeking unpaid taxes
  • Law firms with outstanding claims for legal fees
  • Commercial landlords owed past-due rent
  • Lenders seeking arrears or recovery of collateral

When a client has an outstanding account, Sig provides a cost-benefit (and risk analysis) and helps determine the feasibility of recovery. His experience and efficiency make it worthwhile for creditor clients to pursue what they are owed and hold debtors accountable.

Have a question about collection of unpaid accounts? Talk to a trusted lawyer. Call 617-223-1900 or send us an email.