Foreign Judgments Collections

Reaching across state and international borders to enforce a judgment can lead to a number of legal and procedural complications. A knowledgeable lawyer can be instrumental in enforcing the creditor’s rights and exacting recovery in a timely fashion. The Boston law firm of Block & Roos, LLP, has established itself as a leader in foreign judgment collection.

Attorney Sigmund Roos offers substantial experience in this field of the law. He regularly domesticates judgments, locates assets, and takes the most appropriate steps necessary to effect a recovery. Further, he has a full command of the various Massachusetts laws that protect judgment creditors.

For example, Massachusetts law allows creditors to recover monies owed to the debtor by a third party. Instead of the third party paying the debtor, Sig can use the court processes to apply these monies directly to the account of the creditor. These actions, known as “reach and apply” and “trustee process” claims, can be very effective in protecting a creditor’s interests.

In every action, Sig will thoroughly examine the various legal and practical issues in order to protect his client’s rights.

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