Resolving Discrimination And Harassment Claims

Boston employment lawyer Jessica Block counsels and advocates for employees who have been the victims of discrimination or retaliation. Often, especially in the modern workplace, discrimination is subtle. There can be unconscious bias by supervisors when making hiring, promotion or disciplinary decisions as well as overt prejudice based on race, gender, sexual preference, pregnancy, disability or other protected characteristic. It is important for employees to understand their rights and to consult an attorney who can determine whether or not they have been subject to discriminatory employment practices.

Jessica Block also counsels and advocates for employers who have been accused of, or sued for, discriminatory practices or retaliation. Many employment actions, including poor performance reviews or decisions to terminate an employee’s performance, may in fact be justified. Jessica works with business owners in an effort to ensure that their employment decisions are fair and not influenced by discrimination or any other unlawful motive. She provides counsel to employers on proactive compliance and maintaining up-to-date policies.

Experienced Employment Litigator And Arbitrator

As a veteran litigator of employment law cases, Jessica understands the financial and emotional cost of litigation (for both sides) as a discrimination case wends its way through administrative agencies and the court system, including appeals, taking many years to completion. For that reason, she works hard to resolve cases early so that both parties to move forward — the employee with her career and the employer with his business. Where early settlement is not possible, Jessica has litigated discrimination claims through the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and federal and state court systems.

In addition to her advocacy, Jessica acts as an arbitrator of discrimination claims and has been retained by a number of institutions as an independent investigator of claims involving gender discrimination, race discrimination, age discrimination, sexual harassment and other unfair employment practices.

When litigation is initiated or required, Jessica represents employees and employers before administrative agencies and in the state and federal courts.

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