Proactive Analysis And Counsel For Employers

Employment matters are complicated, and a dispute that escalates into litigation can be costly to the bottom line, result in negative publicity and destroy careers. Block & Roos, LLP, provides guidance to businesses, HR departments and individuals. The Firm’s goal is to help Massachusetts employers comply with the law and respond swiftly to complaints and disputes before they escalate into lawsuits and to help employees understand their workplace rights and responsibilities.

Boston lawyer Jessica Block has practiced in employment law counseling and litigation for more than 30 years. A significant portion of her practice is devoted to counseling clients on various employment law-related matters:

  • Enforceability of noncompete agreements
  • Executive compensation and change of control contingencies
  • Employee discipline and employee termination
  • Compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Response to complaints of sexual harassment or workplace discrimination
  • Accommodations for FMLA leave or disabilities
  • Social media and data privacy
  • Policy development, implementation and training

In her advisory capacity, attorney Jessica Block helps employers take appropriate steps to minimize or eliminate possible exposure. She advises on the state of the law and legal precedent to resolve specific problems and steer clients away from conflicts.

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